My thoughts
Well, hello there!!! Thank you for stopping by, really appreciate it.

First off, I am 100% Awesome hahaha. A student. I love my family and my best friends, and would do anything for them.

A few weird things about me:
I can hold my breath under water for exactly one minute, and spit watermelon seeds 15 feet. I love sports, but I hate watching sports. I sleep talk occasionally. I love running at 5 in the morning during the summer. Music is my escape. Hidden talent: impersonating the Chipmunks, Shakira, and Britney Spears. Broadway fanatic. I am in love with Superman. A movie addict, especially for chick flicks & zombie movies.

Tumblr is a worldwide community, and a way for me to share my interests and ideas while being able to explore and discover other (new) things. Imagination and creativity connecting people around the globe. I see it as a progressive art form in today's cyber era.
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